Farmers Directory ~ 1878
Mercer County, Ohio

Mercer County Directories
1878 Farmers' Directory
Buckeye Agricultural Works, Springfield Ohio

Note: This may not be complete; not all towns are represented; also, some spellings are suspect.

O F Heath Mercer P. O. Justis Davis Neptune P.O.
Jacob Counterman Mercer P. O. Sam Davis Neptune P.O.
Isaac Harris Mercer P. O. Wm Craft Neptune P.O.
George Siler jr Mercer P. O. James Carroll jr Neptune P.O.
George Siler sr Mercer P. O. Tim Hankins Neptune P.O.
S F Hayes Mercer P. O. J M Nolan Neptune P.O.
M Hays sr Mercer P. O. Jno Wooster Neptune P.O.
M Hays jr Mercer P. O. Mike Wooster Neptune P.O.
E Palmer Mercer P. O. Abe Wooster Neptune P.O.
B H Coil Mercer P. O. James Harner Neptune P.O.
John Coil Mercer P. O. Tevis Poor Neptune P.O.
A Jimerson Mercer P. O. Mike Harmer Neptune P.O.
James Moses Mercer P. O. E Wolcott Neptune P.O.
C Lampey Mercer P. O. N Duty Neptune P.O.
G E Chivington Mercer P. O. I G Bauer Neptune P.O.
John Burns Mercer P. O. Jake Diedrich Neptune P.O.
T Kelly Mercer P. O. John Webb Neptune P.O.
B Roebuck Mercer P. O. D Webb Neptune P.O.
Joseph Webb Mercer P. O. L Hays Neptune P.O.
Mrs Thomas Mercer P. O. Wm Dine Neptune P.O.
Samuel Berry Mercer P. O. Wm Barrington Neptune P.O.
S H Clark Mercer P. O. John Crow Neptune P.O.
Isaac Hainline Mercer P. O. George Sealschott Neptune P.O.
Isaac Henkle Mercer P. O. Fred Minkner Neptune P.O.
Mrs Chapman Mercer P. O. H Kohlhurst Neptune P.O.
P H Hitchner Mercer P. O. O Groffis Neptune P.O.
C Amspaugh Mercer P. O. Casper Snider Neptune P.O.
S D Burns Mercer P. O. Geo Howick Neptune P.O.
S Chivington Mercer P. O. John Davis Neptune P.O.
Wm D Ford Mercer P. O. James Logue St. Marys P.O.
Griffin Pond Mercer P. O. Geo A Platt Montezuma P.O.
John Fisher Mercer P. O. C L Burdge Montezuma P.O.
Peter Harden Mercer P. O. John Burdge Montezuma P.O.
J Woods Mercer P. O. Singleton Buxton Montezuma P.O.
Anderson James Mercer P. O. J Buxton Montezuma P.O.
G W Moore sr. Mercer P. O. Frank Buxton Montezuma P.O.
Z Sutton Mercer P. O. Geo Buxton Montezuma P.O.
J Sutton sr Mercer P. O. Peter Buxton Montezuma P.O.
John Grossnacle Mercer P. O. Roland Burdge Montezuma P.O.
H Allen Mercer P. O. Frank Burdge Montezuma P.O.
Joseph Chivington Mercer P. O. H Clostermen Montezuma P.O.
James Tullis Mercer P. O. E Grumlen Montezuma P.O.
Wilson Custer Mercer P. O. Isaac Brandon Montezuma P.O.
Wm Custer Mercer P. O. Wm Cochran Montezuma P.O.
William Shinabery Mercer P. O. Jacob Kittle Montezuma P.O.
M Wical Mercer P. O. Julius Offenhauer Montezuma P.O.
John Harper Mercer P. O. Charles Frank Montezuma P.O.
John Shinabery Mercer P. O. Cornelius Frank Montezuma P.O.
M Halfhill Mercer P. O. John Sayers Montezuma P.O.
R Donovan Mercer P. O. R B Miller Montezuma P.O.
E Donovan Mercer P. O. Calvin Miller Montezuma P.O.
George Donovan Mercer P. O. George Miller Montezuma P.O.
Joseph Palmer Mercer P. O. John T Miller Montezuma P.O.
Jacob Fisher Mercer P. O. Edwin Palmer Montezuma P.O.
Daniel Fisher Mercer P. O. Allen Palmer Montezuma P.O.
Isaac Hardin Mercer P. O. Jacob Selby Montezuma P.O.
Lewis Harmon Mercer P. O. Isaac Selby Montezuma P.O.
G Harmon Mercer P. O. Andrew Sircle Montezuma P.O.
John Zealhart Mercer P. O. Miles Long Montezuma P.O.
Wesley Zealhart Mercer P. O. Daniel Long Montezuma P.O.
William Keople Mercer P. O. Henry Long Montezuma P.O.
Sol Fireoved Mercer P. O. James Long Montezuma P.O.
Charles Shinarbery Mercer P. O. Thomas Lacy Montezuma P.O.
Newton Snyder Mercer P. O. M Lacy Montezuma P.O.
L O Williams Mercer P. O. Wm Lacy Montezuma P.O.
Jno Troutner Mercer P. O. Samuel Hyler sr Montezuma P.O.
A Tabler Mercer P. O. Ed McGee Montezuma P.O.
A Harden Mercer P. O. Martin Beauchamp Montezuma P.O.
E B McKeig Mercer P. O. Isaac Ellis Montezuma P.O.
H Davis Mercer P. O. Wm Gerone Montezuma P.O.
R Ketcham Mercer P. O. James H Monroe Montezuma P.O.
M Adams Mercer P. O. Henry Johnston Montezuma P.O.
Jacob Coy Mercer P. O. L Shroder Montezuma P.O.
Levi Coy Mercer P. O. P M Hale Montezuma P.O.
John Chivington Mercer P. O. Wm Hale Montezuma P.O.
D Johnson Mercer P. O. Jo Hagedorn St. Rosa P.O.
E F Everist Neptune P.O. I Hagedorn St. Rosa P.O.
Thomas Spangler Neptune P.O. H Luyterfield St. Rosa P.O.
A Bonafield Neptune P.O. A Klemhaus St. Rosa P.O.
C Kruger Neptune P.O. H Lebe St. Rosa P.O.
J Chester Neptune P.O. H Honing St. Rosa P.O.
P Davis Neptune P.O. I Homann St. Rosa P.O.
Sam Flowers Neptune P.O. L Gottemoller St. Rosa P.O.
Thomas Upton Neptune P.O. P Grisdorn St. Rosa P.O.
P Hankins Neptune P.O. Frank Ungruhn St. Rosa P.O.
J Hankins Neptune P.O. J Ungruhn St. Rosa P.O.
C Hawkins Neptune P.O. J Slosman St. Rosa P.O.
T McDonald Neptune P.O. D Weoste St. Rosa P.O.
John Hippeard Neptune P.O. B Pickenbrock St. Rosa P.O.
John Dutton Neptune P.O. P Harting St. Rosa P.O.
Jack Fast Neptune P.O. B Wilke St. Rosa P.O.
Wm Drury Neptune P.O. J Brackman St. Rosa P.O.

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