MERCER, a county bounded north by Vanwert, south by Dark, east by Allen and Shelby counties, and west by the state of Indiana. It is 24 by 25 miles in extent, and contains about 576 square miles. The land, although rather too level, is very rich and fertile, and well adapted to grass and small grain; and produces good crops of Indian corn, though not so abundant as some of the rich bottoms in the valleys of the Scioto and the Miami. There are no quarries in this county; and stones are rarely found, even on the surface. The principal streams are the St. Mary's and the Wabash rivers, and their tributaries. They are generally deep, with a very gentle current, affording but few good sites for mills. Springs are not numerous; and many of those which are found in the county deposit a red sediment. The water, however, is considered wholesome; and may be obtained throughout the county by digging from 12 to 30 feet. In and near Shane's prairie, the water in the wells rises to the surface and runs over constantly; but is impregnated with some mineral substance, and is not very pleasant to the taste. The Miami canal will pass near the eastern line of this county its whole length, and will add much to its intrinsic value. The towns regularly laid out and recorded, are St. Mary's, Shanesville, Milan, Guilford, and Wilshire. The post offices are New Bremen, Ruckman's, St. Mary's, and Shane's Crossings. The townships now organized, are St. Mary's, Dublin, Union, Wilshire, German, Wayne, Marion, Recovery, Center, Black Creek, and Jennings. There are about 15,000 acres of land returned for taxation, and nearly as much under improvement; there being large quantities of land lately entered not yet subject to taxation. The number of inhabitants at the census of 1830, amounted to 1110. St. Mary's, on the river of the same name, is the seat of justice.

Beaver creek, a branch of the Wabash river, rising in the southeastern part of Mercer county, and running north of west through the west end of an extensive wet prairie, discharges itself into the main stream a few miles east from the Indiana state line.

Black creek, a township of Mercer county.

Center, a new township in Mercer county.

Dublin, a township in Mercer county, in which the towns of Shanesville and Milan are situated. It returns about 6,000 acres of land on the tax list.

Fort Recovery, a noted post established by General Wayne, 21 miles northwestwardly from Loramie's station, on the old road from Greenville to Fort Wayne.

Guilford, the name of a town in Union township, Mercer county.

Jennings, the name of a new township in Mercer county.

Marion, a new township in each of the counties of Mercer, Allen, Hancock, and Hocking.

Milan, the name of a town laid out about 3 years since in Dublin township, Mercer county; and now contains 15 dwelling houses, 2 stores, 1 apothecary shop, a steam grist and saw mill, 6 or 8 mechanics shops, 2 churches, and about 100 inhabitants. It is about 120 miles north of northeast from Columbus, 26 miles west of Lima, 14 northwest of St. Marys, the county seat, and 46 southeast of Fort Wayne. We believe the name of the town has recently been changed to Mercer. The post office is called Ruckman's.

New Bremen, the name of a post office in German township, Mercer county, 8 miles from St. Mary's.

Recovery, a new township of Mercer county.

Recovery, Fort [See Fort Recovery.]

Ruckman's post office, Mercer county, name changed to Mercer.

Shane's Crossing, a post office in Dublin township, Mercer county, 115 miles northwest from Columbus, and 15 from St. Marys. There is also a village here called Shanesville.

Shanesville, the post village above named, of Mercer county, situated on the St. Mary's river, 18 miles northwesterly from St. Mary's, and on the road from that town to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It contains 1 store, 1 tavern, 1 tannery, and ten or twelve dwelling houses. The office is called Shane's Crossing.

St. Mary's, a considerable river, rising in Mercer and Shelby counties, near Loramie's fort, running thence northwestwardly 40 miles, into the state of Indiana, and from thence 26 miles northwardly into the Maumee river, at Fort Wayne. It is navigable with bateaux from St. Mary's, near its source, to Fort Wayne, where it unites with the Little St. Joseph, and forms the Maumee.

St. Mary's, a township of Mercer county, in which the seat of justice is situated.

St. Mary's, a small post town, and seat of justice for Mercer county. It is situated on the east bank of St. Mary's river, at the head of navigation, in the eastern range of townships. It has a court house, and jail, two taverns, two stores, one printing office, from which a weekly paper is issued, two physicians, one tannery, several mechanics' shops, about thirty five dwelling houses, and probably 160 inhabitants.

Union, a township of Mercer county, containing 174 inhabitants at the last census. There is a village called Guilford in the township.

Wabash, a considerable stream, the main branch of which rises in the southeastern part of Mercer county, and running west along the south line of said county to old fort Recovery, there turns to the north; when, after running several miles in that direction, it receives Beaver creek, and then resumes its westerly course until it crosses the line into Indiana. It is not navigable in any part of the state of Ohio.

Wayne, a new township of Mercer county.

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