Mercer County Schools
Celina High School Alumni, 1878-1895

Note: this list is from the 1925 Celina High School yearbook; married names and locations are from that year.

Class of 1878 Class of 1888
Lizzie Snyder McKim, Celina, Ohio Clara March Barstow, unknown
Sadie Smith, deceased
Class of 1879 Nettie Smith Patton, unknown
Fannie LeBlond Lengel, Celina, Ohio Ed. L. Bryson, Celina, Ohio
Fannie Guy Dickman, Celina, Ohio
Tennie Wyckoff Zay, Celina, Ohio Class of 1889
John Stuck, deceased Sue Fanger Raudabaugh, unknown
E. G. Miller, deceased Bertha Krenning Brown, Lone Tree, Iowa
Charles LeBlond, deceased Lizzie Day TouVelle, Celina, Ohio
W. E. TouVelle, Celina, Ohio
Delphine Roop Ross, Paulding, Ohio Class of 1890
Laura Guy Kellar, Columbus, Ohio Henrietta Fanger Schunk, deceased
Jennie Hill Freeman, Prospect, Ohio
J. L. Wyckoff, unknown Class of 1891
C. W. Struckman, deceased Lela Bryson Thompson, Dayton, Ohio
Lillie Feldheiser Morey, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Class of 1880 Belle Herbst Copeland, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Pearl Merlin Parks, unknown Grace Riley Griffeth Snyder, Celina, Ohio
Kate Hetzler Bretz, Celina, Ohio Ella Raudabaugh Stahl, Chicago, Ill.
Effie Hoel, Celina, Ohio Florence Younger Berry, Van Wert, Ohio
Addie Brandon Riley, Celina, Ohio Anna Kistler Howick, Columbus, Ohio
Gabrilla Riley Dickman Ford
Sydney Ferrel Williams, Covington, Ind. Class of 1892
Thomas Petrie Marion, Ind. Anna Clark Shafer, New York, N. Y.
Frank Smith, unknown Elizabeth Cook, Celina, Ohio
Rose Crockett Lewis, Fremont, Ohio Clyde Shepard Ripley, Spokane, Wash.
Blanch TouVelle Hanson, Berea, Ky.
Class of 1881 Myrtle Loughridge, Celina, Ohio
William Hendley, Celina, Ohio Ethel Axtelle Boyd, Portland, Ind.
Class of 1882 Class of 1893
Margaret Day Briggs, Geneva, Ind. Anna Alberry Johnston, Lone Star, Cal.
Anna Day Loree, Celina, Ohio Martha Smith Baker, Porterville, Cal.
Lenore Solmon Watts, Celina, Ohio
Class of 1883 Verna Warah McDaniel, Ft. Recovery, Ohio
Savella TouVelle Hackel, San Francisco, Cal. Roy Gable, unknown
Russel Armstrong, unknown
Class of 1884 Leonard Pumphrey, deceased
Nellie Brandon Cadwell, Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank Ayers, Celina, Ohio
R. J. Wyckoff, unknown Fannie Fanger Armour, Richmond, Ind.
Carrie Snyder Fishbaugh, Celina, Ohio
Samuel Pumphrey, deceased Class of 1894
Carrie Sidenbender Simons, Rockford, Ohio Pearl Baker, unknown
Lou Beam Webster, deceased Agnes Hellworth Michael, Brainard, Minn.
Clarence E. Marsh, Delphos, Ohio
Class of 1886 Ralph C. LeBlond, deceased
Bernard Pulskamp, Rome City, Ind.
Harry McDaniel, Ft. Recovery, Ohio Class of 1895
Frank L. TouVelle, Medford, Ohio Loretta Feldheiser Moser, Wapakonetta, Ohio
R. R. Wyckoff, Celina, Ohio Bertha Snyder Bayless, Toledo, Ohio
Lloyd Thorns, McAlister, Ohio
Class of 1887 Benjamin Loughridge, Dayton, Ohio
Richard Raudabaugh, Lansing, Mich. Ida Maehlman Wenning, Celina, Ohio

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