Mercer County Schools
List of Teachers of Towns and Districts of County
Together With Supervision District Heads, 1915

As published in the Dec. 15, 1915 issue of the Celina Democrat

Superintendent G. W. Hays, Rockford Superintendent H. J. Bernard, St. Henry
Rockford Village St. Henry Village
T. N. Brown, Prin., Rockford H. B. Schrage. Prin., St. Henry
Helen Hayward, Rockford Julius Moeder, St. Henry
Nora Rorchers, Rockford Aloys Moeder, bt. Henry
Naomi Wagers, Rockford Mayme McKirnan, St. Henry
Emma Musselman, Rockford Esther Schlosser, St. Henry
Ethel Layland, Rockford Elizabeth Weis, St. Henry
Elois Symons, Rockford
Mable Wolfe, Rockford Chickasaw Village
Clara L. Penn, Rockford W. H. Gross, Chickasaw
W. Wellman, Chickasaw
Blackcreek Township Mary Moeder, Chickasaw
Faye Dudgeon, Willshire
Winifred Pifer. Willshire Carthagena Special District
Naomi Hart, Willshire Leo Hemmelgarn, Carthagena
Ored Dudgeon, Willshire Martha Denmark, Carthagena
Mary Johnson, Rockford
C. L. Vining, Willshire St. John Special District
Jesse Sell, Rockford H. Forsthoefel, Maria Stein
LeRoy Pifer, Rockford Sister Mary Louisa Huss, Maria Stein
Lorena Stuckey, Rockford Sister Mary Ruth Hfueisen, Maria Stein
Dublin Township Rammal Special District
Blanche Pifer, Rockford Anna Kothman, Burkettsville
Mildred Rhoades, Rockford
Ruth Shaffer, Rockford Gelhaus Special District
Mary Coil, Rockford Leo Gottas, Burkettsville
Elizabeth Lee, Rockford
Mayme Chapman, Rockford Gilberts Special District
Grace Kamf, Rockford J. W. Pierron, Burkettsville
Luella Robinson, Rockford
Quinter Special District
Mercer School District Ben Meiring, Burkettsville
Herman Shinaberry, Mercer
Daisy Berry, Celina Cranberry Special District
Fannie Coil, Rockford Jonn Seltz, Burkettsville
Liberty Township Franzer and U. Special District
Albert Hinkle, Rockford Eleanore Moeder, St. Henry
Icy Martz, Celina
Music Supervisor Lucile Smith, Rockford Home Special District
H. J. Winkeljohan, St. Henry
Superintendent J. W. Pogue, Celina Wendelin Special District
J. H. Koesters, St. Henry
Celina Village Sebastian Special District
Fern Raudabaugh, Prin., Celina F. H. Moorman, Chickasaw
Harriet Bretz. Celina
Edith Raudabaugh, Celina Cassella Special District
C. V. Sensenbaugh, Celina Louis Huelsman, St. Henry
Mary Braddock, Celina
Harry Murlin, Celina St. Rosa Special District
Katheryn Hight, Celina Albert Dorsten, Chickasaw
Ruth Cotterman, Celina
Alma Mowry. Celina Puthoff Special District
Belva Dine, Celina August Reichert, Osgood
Claudia Kenney, Celina
Leona Winter, Celina Dwenger Special District
Elizabeth Cook, Celina H. Leugers, Maria Stein
W. H. Thoms, Celina
Mary Langel, Celina Hartings Special District
Mabel Andrews, Celina Leo Von der Haar
Rowena Hight, Celina
Freda Weisman, Celina Sharpsburg Special District
Emma Karr, Celina Alois Reichert, Burkettsville
Naomi Fennig, Celina
Katheryn Cook, Celina Koesters Special District
Supervisor of Music W. L. West J. H. Hart, Ft. Recovery
Supervisor of Art Maude Collins
Manual Training Roy Jenkins St. Joe Special District
Domestic Science Lela Crockett A. C. Eifert, Victoria
Jefferson Township St. Peter Special District
Albert Malick, Celina John P. Leiser, Ft. Recovery
Golda Enyart, Celina
Cora Griffith, Celina Oakland Special District
Ralph Jordan, Celina Joseph Dues, Coldwater
Edna Kerns, Celina
Golda Carroll, Celina Dahlinghaus Special District
Dee Young. Celina Fred Huber, Celina
Maple Center Special District Philothea Special District
Alice Newcomb, Celina Leo J. Shaeper, Coldwater
Sarah Newcomb, Celina
Klosterman Special District
SUPERVISION DISTRICT NO. 4 B. J. Huelsman, Montezuma
Superintendent E. G. Knepper, Coldwater
Washington township Superintendent C. M. Heiby, Ft. Recovery
Vaughn Conelley, Coldwater
Evertt Smith, Codlwater TEACHERS
H. N. Brobst, Coldwater J. M. Nutting, Prin., Ft. Recovery
Aloys Dues, Ft. Recovery Pearl Aldrich, Ft. Recovery
Constantine Fecher, Ft. Recovery Eutha Kopp, Ft. Recovery
R. E. Wright, Celina Ethel Johnson, Ft. Recovery
Myrtle Rabe, Coldwater Ida Hedrick, Ft. Recovery
Charles Boley, Coldwater Genevieve Schroeter, Ft. Recovery
Zura Waller, Celina Elsie Whitsell, Ft. Recovery
Esther Schroyer, Ft. Recovery Lena Heiby, Ft. Recovery
Zoa Boice, Celina
J. F. Fetter, Celina COLDWATER
Grace Huntwork, Ft. Recovery Superintendent H. J. Antony, Coldwater
Clela Runyon, Celina
Butler Township Henry Blaeser, Prin., Coldwater
Henry Lacy, Coldwater Lulah Huddleston, Coldwater
L. B. Gerdes, Coldwater Belle Platt, Coldwater
Clara Moorman, Coldwater Agnes Schroeter, Coldwater
Roy Lacy, Coldwater Marie Campbell, Coldwater
Dwight Davis, Celina
J. S. Klingshirn, Burkettsville MENDON AND UNION TP.
Superintendent M. O. Krugh, Mendon
Liberty Township
Grace Hoel, Montezuma TEACHERS
Ray Karr, Celina Edith Crissey, Prin., Mendon
Lawrence Davis, Celina Miss Pearson, Mendon
Zedna Boice, Celina Ermal Noel, Mendon
Hazel Betz, Celina Norma Bedell, Mendon
Rosa Betzel, Celina Isabel Langdon, Mendon
Lewis Brehm Celina Ruth Robbins, Mendon
C. Bollenbacher, Rockford Orpha Parrott, Mendon
Ruth Ralph, Ft. Recovery Leota Nichols, Mendon
Bruce Kinkley, Mendon
Gibson Township Goldie Sherer, Mendon
Norma Bailey, Ft. Recovery Walter Emans, Mendon
Lelia Alexander, Ft. Recovery Ethel Watts, Mendon
C. G. Snyder, Ft. Recovery Fred Fisher, Mendon
Mabel Boroff, Mendon
Montezuma Village Lucille Krugh, Mendon
M. B. Stoner, Montezuma Sylvia Mays, Mendon
Emma Burdge, Montezuma Gladys Gallman, Mendon
Magnolia Frank, Montezuma Florence Gallman, Mendon
Franklin Special District Under County Superintendent S. Cotterman
Electra Ballinger, Montezuma CENTER TP.
Center Special District TEACHERS
Marie Schewe, New Bremen W. A. Bair, Prin., Celina
E. E. Garwick, Celina
Liberty Special District B. F. Lutz, Celina
Edna Wierth, New Bremen Elizabeth Hedrick, Celina
Vermont Young, Celina
Heintz Special District Oreal Piper, Celina
Joyce Hedrick, Ft. Recovery Ernest Kelley, Celina
Grace Kelley, Celina
Ethel Davis, Celina
Ethel Carroll, Celina
Lester Eichenauer, Rockford
Ida Hansel, Celina
W. H. Eichenauer, Celina
Clyde Wood, Celina
John Kirkpatrick, Rockford
Charles Hansel, Celina
Lee A. Wilson, Celina
Nettie Stephenson, Celina
Elmer Smith, Celina

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